FACT Alliance
Fight Against Child Trafficking
Garage Sale Tips

Ho to maximize your fundraising potential

1. Advertise well for at least three weeks.
Use free sources like
- Craigslist
- Social Media
- Flyers in the community
Be sure to include the cause of child trafficking by adding statistics and letting people know the funds will go towards victim aftercare.

2. Place large items in front.
It will make “drive by” shoppers actually park and come in.

3. Join forces.
Ask your friends, family, neighbors and even local businesses to donate items. The more merchandise, the better the fundraising!

4. Price to sell.
People come to garage sales for cheaply priced deals. Make your donation grow from quantity – the more items you can sell, the better!

5. Put price tags on everything.
Don’t make customers chase you for information that should be clearly marked. They will likely move on.

6. Keep your space organized.
It will get cluttered as people shop. Have dedicated volunteers to keep your space organized.

7. Use bags for items with multiple pieces.
Small baggies can keep screws and game pieces together.

8. Display similar items together.
Clothes in one area, toys in another, books in another. You get the idea.

9. Clearly label items.
Some used items may need explaining – incomplete, needs repair, works like new. Give the shopper the
information they need immediately.

10. Offer Free Trade Coffee & Snacks to shoppers.
It’s another great way to inform your shoppers. You can buy Free Trade products at many chain stores, like Target and Trader Joes, or order bulk items online.