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Fight Against Child Trafficking

YOU can do it...and we're here to help...

Hi, I'm Andrea Ketcham, FACT Alliance's Director of Project Initiatives. I am here, at your service, to walk you through the process of holding your very own fundraiser for FACT Alliance's Let's Respond Campain. You'll be amazed how much you can do and how your efforts will directly help to provide aftercare for sex trafficking victims.

Many people have used their own special talents and personal sphere's of influence to raise thousands of dollars for victim aftercare. You can repeat one of their events (and we'll give you helpful tips learned along the way) or you can create your own unique event.

Hosting a fundraiser can be a very effective way to raise, not only money for victims of child trafficking but also to raise awareness about the issue which also protects our community.

Follow the steps below to get started!
1. Choose an Event [below] or create your own

2. Register your Event with FACT Alliance [below]

3. Become Well-Informed on the issue of human trafficking by reading our "Get The Facts" page [CLICK HERE] and watch our informational videos [CLICK HERE] This information will help you educate your event audience and encourage their participation and donations.

Hold a Garage Sale

Have your friends, church group, school group and even local business donate items for a major sale. Offer free-trade snacks and coffee to your customers. Hand every shopper a brochure that explains where their money is going.


Give a House Party

Invite friends over for a night of information and discussion. Offer free-trade snacks and coffee, watch some FACT Alliance videos. See where the conversation takes you and how your group can join forces to raise funds.


Once we receive your message, we will contact you to help get your event started.

You'll receive our non-profit agreement and we will be able to provide you with:
• printable logos
• banners
• posters
• infographics
• informational packets

Hold a Clothing Drive

High School teacher Shannon Markhum incorporated social justice in her curriculum by teaching her students about the issue and inspiring their activism.


Put on a Concert

Have your band (or gather a bunch of bands) promote a concert to benefit trafficking victims. Show FACT Alliance videos on the big screen, distribute informational packets. Offer ticket prices or donation opportunities that encourage large attendance and big contributions.

Give Blood!

This is an interesting one! Blood banks are always in need of fresh blood. Sign up with bloodformissions.org and list FACT Alliance as your beneficiary.

Watch This:

Use Your Business

Several business owners have committed a portion of their sales towards FACT Alliance's efforts.

Mechanic John Guldalian at Finishline Automotive gave $10 of every tune-up towards the cause, educating his customers along the way. Alison at Ally's Baubles donates proceeds of her jewelry sales.

We can provide you the materials you need to create an effective business promotion to benefit victim aftercare.

Run in a Marathon

FACT Alliance is an official charity of the Orange County Marathon [CLICK HERE FOR INFO]. You can run in your own local marathon and gather sponors for your run to raise money for FACT Alliance's efforts towards victim aftercare. We can help you.

Hold a Car Wash

Few events are as fun as a car wash, and you can include people of all ages in the process. Be sure to include an informational table to educate people as they wait.