FACT Alliance
Fight Against Child Trafficking


FACT ALLIANCE is partnering with LOVE146 to raise $300,000.00 and build an Aftercare Facility in the Philippines for girls rescued from Sex Slavery. We need your support!

Many children who are forced into sex slavery could be rescued TODAY if only there were a place to send them. Without enough safe homes worldwide, children languish in bondage and rescue teams sit idle.

“My idea of a safehome is where we nurse the bird’s broken wing.  If we do well with our nursing, then the bird should be able to fly again and out of the safehome, and soar to the heights it was meant to reach. If it casts a glance at the safehome again, then it should be from above, among the clouds of its achievements.”
- Dr. Gundelina Velazco, Director of Aftercare Love146
The first thing a child needs after being liberated from sexual slavery is a safe place. The Love146 Round Home is uniquely built and designed to facilitate the restoration and holistic health of every child entering its doors. The approach to running the home is attuned to the needs of the exploited and traumatized child, which include both the needs of ordinary children as well as children who have been wounded in many ways, lack hope, are broken, lack opportunities and self-worth. Therefore, the Round Home is characterized by efforts to keep the child safe and well provided for, instill hope, effect healing and restoration, promote growth and development, facilitate the release of potentials, and enable the child to come full circle, liberated from their traumas and sufferings, to realize their innate worth.  Built with some whimsy in mind, the building is aesthetically colorful as a child would have decorated it and therapy sessions are held in a tree house.  It is a place where lives are restored and broken children can just simply be children again.